Jornada: “Global Environmental Protection: Key Issues and Conflicts. How do we protect the global environment and move towards sustainable development?”

Fecha: 08, 10, 15 y 17 de Noviembre de 2011 (18:30 a 21:30 hs)

Lugar: 25 de Mayo 586. Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Argentina

 Professor Joanne Fox-Przeworski, Ph.D. Las clases serán dictadas en inglés

Organiza: Universidad de San Andres

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OVERVIEW: The widespread attention to human activities that affect the environment and unsustainable use of natural resources raises intriguing questions that will be examined during this course. What was the evolution of thinking that led to global efforts to protect the environment? What prompts individuals and countries to engage in difficult, lengthy and costly negotiations? Given differing interests and priorities, what motivates countries to agree and comply? And if they do not agree, what can be done about it?

As we shall see, these questions do not have easy scientific or technical answers. Effective, long term responses involve ethical and practical considerations as well as social, political and legal arrangements.

These issues will be explored with a special focus on topics critical to sustainability, such as climate change, biodiversity, water management, trade and the environment. Attention also will be given to the goverrnance structures that deal with these issues, including the United Nations and WTO as well as other international and non-state actors.

Participants in the course will be expected to actively contribute to the discussions and raise issues particularly relevant to Argentina.

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